Memories of Satan

A series of videos recently uploaded on YouTube show two young children divulging disturbing information about a secret society active in north London. The siblings reveal that they have been the victims of satanic ritual abuse, inflicted upon them at school and church in the affluent suburb of Hampstead. In hours of video footage that […]

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The Pedophile and the Polygraph

Last year the ministry for justice announced the UK’s most high-risk sex offenders will be required to complete a series of lie detector tests as part of their release probation. The programme has been implemented in order to reduce the threat posed by supposedly rehabilitated pedophiles. 13.4% of sex offenders commit another sex related crime […]

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The Crazy Ecology of Costa Rica

A group of second year life science students from the University of Manchester traveled the many different life zones of Costa Rica. The trip also involved conducting their own investigation into the country’s ecology with some remarkable results – despite some adverse conditions.   Produced by Theo Jolliffe

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